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AC Circuit Analysis - WSA023 WSA023 Module
Additive Manufacturing - WSP637 WSP637 Module
Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering - WSD606 WSD606 Module
Additive Manufacturing for Product Development - WSC606 WSC606 Module
Advanced Computer Aided Design - WSC300 WSC300 Module
Advanced Dynamics - WSP104 WSP104 Module
Advanced Electromagnetism - WSB033 WSB033 Module
Advanced Embedded Computer Architecture and Parallel Programming - WSD307 WSD307 Module
Advanced Heat Transfer - WSC801 WSC801 Module
Advanced Individual Project - WSD030 WSD030 Module
Advanced Individual Project - WSD330 WSD330 Module
Advanced Individual Project - WSD550 WSD550 Module
Advanced Individual Project - WSD551 WSD551 Module
Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Technology 1 - WSC600 WSC600 Module
Advanced Methods for Control - WSD527 WSD527 Module
Advanced Photovoltaics (DL) - WSP640 WSP640 Module
Advanced Photovoltaics - WSP040 WSP040 Module
Antennas, Radar and Metamaterials - WSD523 WSD523 Module
Application of CAD for Engineering Designers - WSA400 WSA400 Module
Application of Engineering Design: Industry Based Project - WSB500 WSB500 Module
Application of Product Design - WSB504 WSB504 Module
Application of Product Design in Sports - WSB503 WSB503 Module
Applied Engineering Design & Analysis - WSC504 WSC504 Module
Applied Sports Technology 1 - WSA502 WSA502 Module
Applied Sports Technology 2 - WSB502 WSB502 Module
Applied Systems Thinking - WSP062 WSP062 Module
Applied Systems Thinking - WSP762 WSP762 Module
Applying Management Theory - WSD034 WSD034 Module
Ballistics and Rocket Propulsion - WSC803 WSC803 Module
Bioelectricity and Biophotonics Engineering - WSC331 WSC331 Module
Bioenergy (DL) - WSP636 WSP636 Module
Bioenergy - WSD536 WSD536 Module
Bioenergy - WSP036 WSP036 Module
Biological Manufacturing - WSP840 WSP840 Module
Communication Networks - WSD509 WSD509 Module
Communications - WSB022 WSB022 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics 2 - WSD802 WSD802 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics I - WSC802 WSC802 Module
Computer Aided Design Manufacture and Test (CADMAT) - WSB404 WSB404 Module
Computer Aided Engineering - WSC301 WSC301 Module
Computer Aided Engineering - WSP331 WSP331 Module
Computer Architecture - WSB019 WSB019 Module
Contact Mechanics: Tribology - WSC107 WSC107 Module
Control System Design 1 - WSB104 WSB104 Module
Control System Design 2 - WSB105 WSB105 Module
Cybersecurity for Embedded Systems - WSC332 WSC332 Module
Data Analytics for Smart Energy Systems (DL) - WSP643 WSP643 Module
Data Analytics for Smart Energy Systems - WSP043 WSP043 Module
Deployment of Machine Learning Inference Models in loT Devices - WSC334 WSC334 Module
Design Methods and Communication - WSC401 WSC401 Module
Design of Machine Elements - WSB403 WSB403 Module
Digital Control - WSC356 WSC356 Module
Digital Manufacturing and Discrete Event Simulation - WSB201 WSB201 Module
Digital Signal Processing - WSD506 WSD506 Module
Digital Systems - WSA013 WSA013 Module
DIS Industrial Placement (non credit bearing) - WSI010 WSI010 Module
DPS Industrial Placement (non credit bearing) - WSI020 WSI020 Module
Drive Train Dynamics - WSD101 WSD101 Module
Dynamic Systems Analysis - WSA025 WSA025 Module
Electrical Power and Machines - WSB045 WSB045 Module
Electrical Science - WSA026 WSA026 Module
Electronic Circuits - WSA011 WSA011 Module
Electronic System Design with FPGAs - WSC354 WSC354 Module
Electronic Systems - WSB901 WSB901 Module
Electronic Systems for Mechanical Engineers - WSA901 WSA901 Module
Electronics & Electrical Technology 1 - WSA900 WSA900 Module
Electronics - WSB011 WSB011 Module
Embedded Systems Design and Implementation - WSC318 WSC318 Module
Embedded Systems Programming - WSB014 WSB014 Module
Emerging Technologies for Sport, Health and Wellbeing - WSC070 WSC070 Module
Energy Storage (DL) - WSP638 WSP638 Module
Energy Storage - WSP038 WSP038 Module
Energy System Economics, Markets, Policy and Risk (DL) - WSP644 WSP644 Module
Energy System Economics, Markets, Policy and Risk - WSP044 WSP044 Module
Energy Systems Analysis - WSC804 WSC804 Module
Energy Vectors for Transport - WSC805 WSC805 Module
Engineering and Management Modelling - WSB310 WSB310 Module
Engineering and Managing Capability - WSP460 WSP460 Module
Engineering and Managing Capability - WSP760 WSP760 Module
Engineering Computation - WSB300 WSB300 Module
Engineering Computation for Sports Technology - WSB302 WSB302 Module
Engineering Design Methods - WSD403 WSD403 Module
Engineering Design Methods - WSP415 WSP415 Module
Engineering Dynamics 2 - WSB101 WSB101 Module
Engineering for Sustainable Development - WSP409 WSP409 Module
Engineering Management and Business Studies - WSP237 WSP237 Module
Engineering Management: Finance, Law and Quality - WSC200 WSC200 Module
Engineering Principles and Professional Skills - WSA508 WSA508 Module
Engineering Science 1 - WSA102 WSA102 Module
Engineering Science 2 - WSB112 WSB112 Module
Experimental Mechanics - WSP102 WSP102 Module
Finite Element Analysis - WSC106 WSC106 Module
Fluid Mechanics 2 - WSB802 WSB802 Module
Group Systems Project - WSP085 WSP085 Module
Group Systems Project - WSP785 WSP785 Module
Healthcare Engineering - WSC610 WSC610 Module
Heat Transfer - WSB801 WSB801 Module
Holistic Engineering - WSP071 WSP071 Module
Holistic Engineering - WSP771 WSP771 Module
Individual Project - WSC357 WSC357 Module
Individual Project - WSC500 WSC500 Module
Individual Project - WSC501 WSC501 Module
Industrial Design - WSB400 WSB400 Module
Industrial Group Project - WSA019 WSA019 Module
Industrial Machine Vision - WSC911 WSC911 Module
Industrial Machine Vision with AI - WSD911 WSD911 Module
Industrial Sustainability - WSD602 WSD602 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering - WSD569 WSD569 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering - WSP069 WSP069 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering - WSP769 WSP769 Module
Instrumentation using Computer Control - WSC900 WSC900 Module
Integrating Studies - WSA505 WSA505 Module
Integrating Studies - WSB501 WSB501 Module
Integration of Renewables (DL) - WSP632 WSP632 Module
Integration of Renewables - WSD532 WSD532 Module
Integration of Renewables - WSP032 WSP032 Module
Interfacing for Mechatronic Systems - WSC353 WSC353 Module
Introduction to Materials and Manufacturing Processes - WSA602 WSA602 Module
Introduction to Robotics - WSB141 WSB141 Module
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery - WSC105 WSC105 Module
Laser and Optical Measurements - WSD902 WSD902 Module
Laser Materials Processing - WSC910 WSC910 Module
Lean and Agile Manufacturing - WSP233 WSP233 Module
Lean Operations and Supply Chain Management - WSD203 WSD203 Module
Machine Learning - Principles and Applications for Engineers - WSD574 WSD574 Module
Machine Learning - Principles and Applications for Engineers - WSP074 WSP074 Module
Machine Learning - Principles and Applications for Engineers - WSP774 WSP774 Module
Management of the Human Resource - WSB204 WSB204 Module
Management of the Human Resource - WSC204 WSC204 Module
Manufacturing Automation and Control - WSC361 WSC361 Module
Manufacturing Design - WSB505 WSB505 Module
Manufacturing Management - WSA210 WSA210 Module
Manufacturing Management - WSB210 WSB210 Module
Manufacturing Planning & Control - WSC203 WSC203 Module
Manufacturing Planning and Control - WSB203 WSB203 Module
Manufacturing Process Technology - WSB600 WSB600 Module
Manufacturing Processes and Automation - WSP600 WSP600 Module
Manufacturing Technology - WSB610 WSB610 Module
Materials and Manufacturing Processes - WSA604 WSA604 Module
Measurement and Data Analytics in Sports Engineering - WSP082 WSP082 Module
Measurement and Experimental Design - WSB701 WSB701 Module
Measurement Principles - WSA700 WSA700 Module
Mechanical Design in Sport - WSA701 WSA701 Module
Mechanics of Materials - WSA100 WSA100 Module
Mechanics of Materials 2 - WSB100 WSB100 Module
Mechatronic System Design - WSD568 WSD568 Module
Mechatronic System Design - WSP068 WSP068 Module
Mechatronic System Design - WSP768 WSP768 Module
Mechatronics and Machine Control - WSD912 WSD912 Module
Metrology - WSC603 WSC603 Module
Microwave Communication Systems - WSC339 WSC339 Module
Modelling, Simulation and Visualization for Engineering - WSP076 WSP076 Module
Modelling, Simulation and Visualization for Engineering - WSP776 WSP776 Module
MSc Individual Project - WSP502 WSP502 Module
MSc Individual Project - WSP765 WSP765 Module
Nonlinear Dynamics - WSD102 WSD102 Module
Organisation Structure & Strategy - WSC201 WSC201 Module
Overseas Study and Industrial Placement (DintS, non credit bearing) - WSI030 WSI030 Module
Part D Overseas Study (Credit bearing) - WSD015 WSD015 Module
Part D Overseas Study (Credit bearing) - WSD016 WSD016 Module
Power Conversion and Networks - WSB055 WSB055 Module
Power Electronics - WSC322 WSC322 Module
Product Design (Ergonomics and Visualisation) - WSA401 WSA401 Module
Product Design and Human Factors - WSP434 WSP434 Module
Product Design Engineering in Sport - WSP084 WSP084 Module
Product Innovation Management - WSC206 WSC206 Module
Programming and Software Engineering - WSA024 WSA024 Module
Programming Multi/many-core Systems - WSD530 WSD530 Module
Project Engineering - Total Product Design - WSD503 WSD503 Module
Project Leadership - WSD500 WSD500 Module
Project Management - WSD207 WSD207 Module
Renewable Energy for Development (DL) - WSP642 WSP642 Module
Renewable Energy for Development - WSP042 WSP042 Module
Renewable Energy Systems - WSC303 WSC303 Module
Renewable Energy Technologies, Economics and Policy (DL) - WSP631 WSP631 Module
Renewable Energy Technologies, Economics and Policy - WSD531 WSD531 Module
Renewable Energy Technologies, Economics and Policy - WSP031 WSP031 Module
Research Methods - WSP083 WSP083 Module
Robotic Applications in Sport and Healthcare - WSD580 WSD580 Module
Robotic Applications in Sport and Healthcare - WSP080 WSP080 Module
Robotics and Control - WSC104 WSC104 Module
Robotics Planning and Control - WSB009 WSB009 Module
Robotics Project Design and Management - WSB013 WSB013 Module
Simulation of Advanced Materials and Processes - WSP103 WSP103 Module
Software Engineering - WSB301 WSB301 Module
Solar Power (DL) - WSP633 WSP633 Module
Solar Power - WSD533 WSD533 Module
Solar Power - WSP033 WSP033 Module
Sports Engineering - WSC700 WSC700 Module
Sports Equipment Industry - WSC702 WSC702 Module
Sports Goods Design, Manufacture and Test - WSB700 WSB700 Module
Sports Industry - WSP081 WSP081 Module
Sports Surfaces, Footwear and Garments - WSC701 WSC701 Module
State Space Control - WSC359 WSC359 Module
Statics and Dynamics - WSA101 WSA101 Module
Statistical Methods and Machine Learning - WSD546 WSD546 Module
Structural Analysis - WSP130 WSP130 Module
Structural Integrity - WSD100 WSD100 Module
Sustainable Engineering - WSC602 WSC602 Module
Sustainable Product Design - WSD407 WSD407 Module
Sustainable Product Design - WSP437 WSP437 Module
Sustainable Product Lifecycle Engineering - WSC407 WSC407 Module
Systems Architecture - WSD572 WSD572 Module
Systems Architecture - WSP072 WSP072 Module
Systems Architecture - WSP772 WSP772 Module
Systems Design - WSP066 WSP066 Module
Systems Design - WSP766 WSP766 Module
Systems Engineering Applications Theory - WSC312 WSC312 Module
Systems Ergonomics for Product Design - WSD212 WSD212 Module
Telecommunications Network Security - WSD516 WSD516 Module
Thermodynamics 2 - WSB800 WSB800 Module
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics - WSA800 WSA800 Module
Thermofluids - WSP830 WSP830 Module
Validation and Verification - WSP067 WSP067 Module
Validation and Verification - WSP767 WSP767 Module
Vibration and Noise - WSC101 WSC101 Module
Water Power (DL) - WSP635 WSP635 Module
Water Power - WSP035 WSP035 Module
Wind Power (DL) - WSP634 WSP634 Module
Wind Power - WSP034 WSP034 Module
WSB005: Power Conversion and Networks Reading List WSB005 Module
WSC302: Digital Communication Theory and Practice Reading List WSC302 Module
WSC304: Computer Networks Reading List WSC304 Module
WSC902: Overseas Study (Credit bearing) Reading List WSC902 Module
WSC998: Overseas Study (credit bearing) Reading List WSC998 Module
WSD001: Team Project Reading List WSD001 Module
WSD308: RF Circuits and Microwave Antennas Reading List WSD308 Module
WSD316: Telecommunications Network Security Reading List WSD316 Module
WSD322: Design and Control of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Reading List WSD322 Module
WSD327: Advanced Methods for Control Reading List WSD327 Module
WSD508: Digital Signal Processing for Software Defined Radio Reading List WSD508 Module
WSD511: Information Theory and Coding Reading List WSD511 Module
WSD515: Wireless Communications Reading List WSD515 Module
WSD517: Mobile Network Technologies Reading List WSD517 Module
WSD518: Elements of Pulsed Power Technology Reading List WSD518 Module
WSD526: Radio Frequency and Microwave Integrated Circuit Design Reading List WSD526 Module
WSD538: Energy Storage Reading List WSD538 Module
WSD567: Validation and Verification Reading List WSD567 Module
WSD571: Holistic Engineering Reading List WSD571 Module
WSD584: Machine Learning - Principles and Applications for Engineers Reading List WSD584 Module
WSD585: Statistical Methods and Machine Learning Reading List WSD585 Module
WSD587: Applying Management Theory Reading List WSD587 Module
WSD589: Digital Signal Processing Reading List WSD589 Module
WSD591: Robotic Applications in Sport and Healthcare Reading List WSD591 Module
WSD595: Elements of Pulsed Power Technology Reading List WSD595 Module
WSD598: Mechatronic System Design Reading List WSD598 Module
WSD998: Overseas Study (credit bearing) Reading List WSD998 Module
WSI035: Overseas Academic/Industrial Placement(DIntS,non credit bearing) WSI035 Module
WSP016: Telecommunications Network Security Reading List WSP016 Module
WSP019: Applied Network Monitoring and Security Reading List WSP019 Module
WSP023: Antennas Reading List WSP023 Module
WSP027: Systems Modelling for Control Engineering Reading List WSP027 Module
WSP028: Advanced Telecommunication Techniques Reading List WSP028 Module
WSP438: Innovation Process and Entrepreneurship in Engineering Reading List WSP438 Module

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