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Academic Skills and Data Description - PSA701 PSA701 Module
Academic, Research and Vocational Skills - PSA706 PSA706 Module
Acquiring Movement Skills - PSB763 PSB763 Module
Addictive Behaviours - PSC310 PSC310 Module
Advanced Experimental and Qualitative Design and Analysis - PSC301 PSC301 Module
Advanced Laboratory & Research Methods - PSD632 PSD632 Module
Advanced Motor Control of Sport Movements - PSC725 PSC725 Module
Advanced Sport Biomechanics - PSC028 PSC028 Module
Advanced Sport Coaching - PSC745 PSC745 Module
Anatomy & Physiology 1 - PSA201 PSA201 Module
Anatomy and Physiology - PSA606 PSA606 Module
Applied Cognitive Research - PSB522 PSB522 Module
Applied Exercise Psychology - PSC734 PSC734 Module
Applied Genomics - PSC622 PSC622 Module
Applied Performance Analysis Placement - High Performance Cultures - PSP203 PSP203 Module
Applied Performance Analysis Placement - Reflective Practice and Career Development - PSP204 PSP204 Module
Applied Psychology in Competitive Sport - PSC735 PSC735 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition - PSP634 PSP634 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology - PSP635 PSP635 Module
Applied Sport Physiology (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSC902 PSC902 Module
Applied Sports Analytics and Visualization - PSP202 PSP202 Module
Applied Sports Science: Analysis and Conditioning - PSC766 PSC766 Module
Applied Strength and Conditioning Science - PSP411 PSP411 Module
Basic Science and Regenerative Therapy - PSC062 PSC062 Module
Basic Science and Regenerative Therapy - PSP332 PSP332 Module
Behavioural Medicine - PSP355 PSP355 Module
Biochemistry and Cell Biology (SES) - PSA712 PSA712 Module
Biochemistry and Cell Biology - PSA602 PSA602 Module
Biochemistry and Cell Biology - PSB615 PSB615 Module
Biochemistry of Exercise and Nutrition - PSB022 PSB022 Module
Biology and Oncology - PSC624 PSC624 Module
Biomarker Science (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSB902 PSB902 Module
Biomechanics for Biomedical Engineering - PSP407 PSP407 Module
Biomechanics of Sport - PSB722 PSB722 Module
Body Composition and Physiological Measurement - PSC208 PSC208 Module
Cellular Adaptation and Degeneration - PSC621 PSC621 Module
Cellular Signalling and Transport - PSB613 PSB613 Module
Clinical Biochemistry (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSB901 PSB901 Module
Clinical Biochemistry and Biomarker Science - PSB616 PSB616 Module
Clinical Psychology - PSC311 PSC311 Module
Coaching Process and Applied Performance Analysis Workflows - PSP201 PSP201 Module
Coaching Process and Practice - PSB743 PSB743 Module
Cognitive Research - PSA522 PSA522 Module
Conceptualising Sport - PSB753 PSB753 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sporting Cultures - PSC755 PSC755 Module
Contemporary Topics in Biosciences - PSD631 PSD631 Module
Core Biomechanics - PSP401 PSP401 Module
Critical Pedagogies in Physical Education - PSC746 PSC746 Module
Critical Perspectives in Sport Management - PSA771 PSA771 Module
Current Themes in Sport and Exercise Psychology - PSB732 PSB732 Module
Developing Computer Models for Sports Biomechanics - PSP405 PSP405 Module
Development of Social Scientific Knowledge of Sport and Exercise - PSP509 PSP509 Module
Dissertation in Social Science Research (Sport and Exercise) - PSP511 PSP511 Module
Emerging Digital Health Technologies - PSP333 PSP333 Module
Exercise Testing and Prescription - PSP358 PSP358 Module
Expert Performance in Sport - PSB733 PSB733 Module
Final Year Project - PSC700 PSC700 Module
Fitness Training and Analysis - PSB764 PSB764 Module
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - PSA026 PSA026 Module
Fundamentals of Human Nutrition - PSB207 PSB207 Module
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Science - PSA762 PSA762 Module
Fundamentals of Sport Coaching - PSA741 PSA741 Module
Fundamentals of Teaching Physical Education - PSA742 PSA742 Module
General Professional Studies - PSP900 PSP900 Module
Genetics and Molecular Biology - PSA603 PSA603 Module
Genomics - PSB612 PSB612 Module
Global Sport Marketing and Media - PSP115 PSP115 Module
Governing Sport - PSP111 PSP111 Module
Growth Development and Ageing - PSB614 PSB614 Module
Human Ageing (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSB904 PSB904 Module
Human Evolution and Adaptation - PSA605 PSA605 Module
Human Growth and Development (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSB903 PSB903 Module
Human Performance at Environmental Extremes - PSC219 PSC219 Module
Infectious Diseases in Humans - PSC204 PSC204 Module
Integrated, Professional and Applied Skills in Sport and Exercise Science - PSA703 PSA703 Module
Interdisciplinary Applications in Health and Sport - PSC705 PSC705 Module
International Study Placement (DIntS, non-credit bearing) - PSI005 PSI005 Module
Interventions for physical activity and health - PSP354 PSP354 Module
Introduction to Sport Biomechanics and Kinesiology - PSA721 PSA721 Module
Introduction to Sport Management - PSA772 PSA772 Module
Introductory Qualitative and Quantitative Research - PSP001 PSP001 Module
Kinesiology, Growth and Development - PSA761 PSA761 Module
Laboratory Skills 1 - PSA601 PSA601 Module
Laboratory Skills II - PSB611 PSB611 Module
Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition - PSP633 PSP633 Module
Lifestyle and Disease - PSC206 PSC206 Module
Measurement of Human Movement - PSP421 PSP421 Module
Mental Health in Sport and Exercise - PSP314 PSP314 Module
Motor Control and Motor Learning - PSB723 PSB723 Module
Neuromuscular Function - PSP406 PSP406 Module
Nutrition for Sport, Exercise and Health - PSC716 PSC716 Module
Orthopaedic Sport Biomechanics - PSP331 PSP331 Module
Para Sport - Rehabilitation to Performance - PSP336 PSP336 Module
Parenting and Socialisation - PSC320 PSC320 Module
Part D Bioscience Research Project - PSD630 PSD630 Module
Pathophysiology and Clinical Management - PSP352 PSP352 Module
Performance Psychology and Management - PSP315 PSP315 Module
Physical Activity and Health (SES) - PSB704 PSB704 Module
Physical Activity and Health - PSB754 PSB754 Module
Physical Activity and Health of Children - PSC032 PSC032 Module
Physiology of Exercise & Health (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSC901 PSC901 Module
Physiology of Exercise and Training - PSB713 PSB713 Module
Physiology of Sport and Exercise - PSP632 PSP632 Module
Physiology of Sport, Exercise and Health - PSC715 PSC715 Module
Practical Teaching (PE) 1 - PSP902 PSP902 Module
Practical Teaching (PE) 2 - PSP904 PSP904 Module
Professional Practice for Strength and Conditioning - PSP412 PSP412 Module
Professional Practice in Clinical Exercise Physiology - PSP351 PSP351 Module
Professional Practice in Sport Psychology - PSP318 PSP318 Module
Professional Studies (PE) 1 - PSP901 PSP901 Module
Professional Studies (PE) 2 - PSP903 PSP903 Module
Professional Training Placement (Biosciences)(DPS,non credit bearing) - PSI002 PSI002 Module
Professional Training Placement (Psychol)(DPS,non credit bearing) - PSI003 PSI003 Module
Professional Training Placement (SES/SSCaPE) (DPS, non-credit bearing) - PSI004 PSI004 Module
Professional Training Placement (SM) (DPS, non credit bearing) - PSI001 PSI001 Module
Project - PSC200 PSC200 Module
Project (Clinical Exercise Physiology) - PSP360 PSP360 Module
Project (MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology) - PSP310 PSP310 Module
Project (MSc Sport Management) - PSP100 PSP100 Module
Project (Psychology Programmes) - PSC300 PSC300 Module
PSA901: Anatomy and Physiology II (Incoming Exchange Students) Reading List PSA901 Module
PSA902: Introduction to Sport Biomechanics (Incoming Exchange Students Reading List PSA902 Module
PSA903: Introduction to Structural Kinesiology (Incoming Exchange Students) Reading List PSA903 Module
PSA904: Growth and Development (Incoming Exchange Students) Reading List PSA904 Module
PSA905: Structural Kinesiology (Incoming Exchange Students - SSCaPE) Reading List PSA905 Module
PSC903: Sport Policy (Incoming Exchange Students) Reading List PSC903 Module
PSP905: Research Into Teaching And Learning Reading List PSP905 Module
Psychology Across the Lifespan - PSB521 PSB521 Module
Psychology and Health - PSB523 PSB523 Module
Psychology for Physical Educators - PSC765 PSC765 Module
Psychology of Exercise for Clinical Populations - PSP317 PSP317 Module
Psychology of the Early Years - PSA521 PSA521 Module
Qualitative Research - PSP003 PSP003 Module
Qualitative Research Methods - PSP510 PSP510 Module
Quantitative Research - PSP002 PSP002 Module
Regenerative Medicine - PSC623 PSC623 Module
Research Methods and Skills for Sport Managers - PSP114 PSP114 Module
Research Methods: Data Analysis - PSB403 PSB403 Module
Research Project - PSP200 PSP200 Module
Research Project: Natural Sciences in Sport and Exercise - PSP005 PSP005 Module
Research Skills A - PSA520 PSA520 Module
Research Skills and Methodologies - PSB707 PSB707 Module
Research Skills B - PSB520 PSB520 Module
Self-Regulation in Sport and Exercise - PSP312 PSP312 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition - PSP631 PSP631 Module
Sport and International Development - PSP122 PSP122 Module
Sport and the Social Sciences - PSA751 PSA751 Module
Sport Governance (Incoming Exchange Students) - PSC904 PSC904 Module
Sport Integrity - PSP123 PSP123 Module
Sport Management in Practice - PSB772 PSB772 Module
Sport Marketing - PSB773 PSB773 Module
Sport Policy and Governance - PSC771 PSC771 Module
Sport, Diversity and Social Justice - PSB752 PSB752 Module
Sports Law, Equity and Inclusion - PSB771 PSB771 Module
Strategic Management of Sport Organisations - PSP110 PSP110 Module
Strategic Management of Sports Organisations and Events - PSC773 PSC773 Module
Strategic Sport Marketing and Economics - PSC772 PSC772 Module
Strength and Conditioning Coaching - PSP413 PSP413 Module
Teaching Physical Education Research Project - PSP906 PSP906 Module
The Development of Sport - PSP124 PSP124 Module
The Politics of Sport - PSP121 PSP121 Module
The Psychology of Eating Behaviour - PSC319 PSC319 Module
The Psychology of the Coach-Athlete Relationship - PSP319 PSP319 Module
The Reflective Practitioner in Physical Education - PSB744 PSB744 Module
The Risks of, and Recovery from,Sports and Musculoskeletal Injury - A - PSP334 PSP334 Module
The Science Underlying Performance and Injury - PSP414 PSP414 Module
Theories and Methods of Analysis in Biomechanics - PSP403 PSP403 Module
Understanding the Brain - PSA523 PSA523 Module

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