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Advanced Big Data Analytics - LLP122 LLP122 Module
Advanced Programming and Data Visualisation - LLP133 LLP133 Module
An Introduction to Sport Analytics - LLP307 LLP307 Module
Applied Cryptography - LLP115 LLP115 Module
Cloud applications and services - LLP111 LLP111 Module
Collaborative Project - LLP008 LLP008 Module
Collaborative Project - LLP010 LLP010 Module
Comparative Management - LLP701 LLP701 Module
Comparative Political Economy - LLP709 LLP709 Module
Corporate Finance - LLP221 LLP221 Module
Corporate Governance - LLP705 LLP705 Module
Corporate Risk Management - LLP706 LLP706 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility - LLP714 LLP714 Module
Creative Business Models - LLP208 LLP208 Module
Creative Industries: Contexts and Practices - LLP402 LLP402 Module
Critical Reflective Leadership and Sport Management - LLP305 LLP305 Module
Cybersecurity and Forensics - LLP114 LLP114 Module
Data Analytics Tools in Digital Economy - LLP252 LLP252 Module
Design & Identity - LLP001 LLP001 Module
Design Ecologies - LLP016 LLP016 Module
Design for Experiences - LLP004 LLP004 Module
Design Futures - LLP005 LLP005 Module
Design in Organisations - LLP014 LLP014 Module
Design Practices in Digital Industries - LLP125 LLP125 Module
Design Research - LLP003 LLP003 Module
Design Strategy and Branding - LLP013 LLP013 Module
Design Thinking - LLP002 LLP002 Module
Design Thinking - LLP009 LLP009 Module
Digital Application Development - LLP109 LLP109 Module
Digital Heritage, Museums and Cultural Industries - LLP405 LLP405 Module
Digital Media Audiences and Markets - LLP116 LLP116 Module
Digital Practices for Customer Engagement - LLP113 LLP113 Module
Digital Sport Technologies: Evolution and Application - LLP313 LLP313 Module
Digital Storytelling for Sports - LLP321 LLP321 Module
Digital Strategy - LLP249 LLP249 Module
Digital Supply Chain Management - LLP250 LLP250 Module
Digital Technologies for Market Analysis - LLP123 LLP123 Module
Diplomacy in the Digital Age - LLP209 LLP209 Module
Dissertation - LLP501 LLP501 Module
Dissertation - LLP502 LLP502 Module
Dissertation - LLP503 LLP503 Module
Dissertation - LLP504 LLP504 Module
Dissertation - LLP505 LLP505 Module
Dissertation - LLP506 LLP506 Module
Doing Business in India: Fieldwork Module - LLP716 LLP716 Module
Entrepreneurship - LLP202 LLP202 Module
Entrepreneurship for Digital Ventures - LLP251 LLP251 Module
Family Businesses - LLP223 LLP223 Module
Finance Principles - LLP102 LLP102 Module
Financial Technologies - LLP130 LLP130 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis - LLP224 LLP224 Module
Foundations in Digital Finance - LLP253 LLP253 Module
Funding - LLP203 LLP203 Module
Game Technologies and Advanced 3D Environments - LLP120 LLP120 Module
Global Cities in Diplomacy and International Governance - LLP217 LLP217 Module
Global South and International Development - LLP424 LLP424 Module
Information Management - LLP126 LLP126 Module
Information Systems Security - LLP127 LLP127 Module
Innovation Management - LLP201 LLP201 Module
Intellectual property - LLP205 LLP205 Module
International Business and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies - LLP702 LLP702 Module
International HRM - LLP703 LLP703 Module
International Negotiations - LLP239 LLP239 Module
International Security - LLP228 LLP228 Module
Internet of Things & applications - LLP108 LLP108 Module
Leadership Models and Practices: Application to a Sport Context - LLP301 LLP301 Module
Leadership, Diversity and Change in the Sport Industry - LLP318 LLP318 Module
Learning from the Global South: Field Trip - LLP423 LLP423 Module
LLP007: Digital Curation Reading List LLP007 Module
Management & Decision-making - LLP725 LLP725 Module
Managing Sustainability - LLP715 LLP715 Module
Media and Communication for Development and Social Change - LLP420 LLP420 Module
Media Design and Production - LLP105 LLP105 Module
Media Industries: Critical Perspectives - LLP401 LLP401 Module
Media, Social Movements and Politics - LLP410 LLP410 Module
New Media and Analytics for Sport Business - LLP312 LLP312 Module
New Venture Creation - LLP204 LLP204 Module
Organisational Behaviour in the Sport Industry - LLP306 LLP306 Module
Peace-Building - LLP226 LLP226 Module
Principles of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics - LLP132 LLP132 Module
Promotional Practices and Cultures - LLP427 LLP427 Module
Reinforcement Learning - LLP131 LLP131 Module
Research and Insight in the Sport Industry - LLP311 LLP311 Module
Research Approaches in Development and Social Change - LLP717 LLP717 Module
Research Methods - LLP207 LLP207 Module
Researching Media Industries - LLP403 LLP403 Module
Service Design Innovation - LLP011 LLP011 Module
Service Design Strategy - LLP006 LLP006 Module
Social Identities and Media - LLP409 LLP409 Module
Sociology of Work - LLP708 LLP708 Module
Sport and Globalisation - LLP728 LLP728 Module
Sport Business and Innovation - LLP316 LLP316 Module
Sport Business Statistics and Analytics - LLP315 LLP315 Module
Sport Ecology - LLP323 LLP323 Module
Sport Governance, Law and Ethics - LLP727 LLP727 Module
Sport Integrity - LLP309 LLP309 Module
Sport Marketing - LLP314 LLP314 Module
Sport Public Relations and Communication - LLP320 LLP320 Module
Sport, Politics, and Diplomacy - LLP319 LLP319 Module
Sport, Society and Equality - LLP730 LLP730 Module
Start-up Accelerator - LLP248 LLP248 Module
Statistical Methods in Finance - LLP104 LLP104 Module
Strategic Marketing and Management - LLP129 LLP129 Module
Strategic Sports Sponsorship - LLP317 LLP317 Module
Strategy and Market Analysis - LLP234 LLP234 Module
Sustainability and Leadership in Sport Organisations - LLP304 LLP304 Module
Sustainable Enterprise Management - LLP242 LLP242 Module
Sustainable Innovation LLP015 Module
The BRICS and the Changing World Order - LLP237 LLP237 Module
The Politics of Violence: Development, Security, Sustainability - LLP241 LLP241 Module
The Sporting Event - LLP729 LLP729 Module
The Sports Industry and Entrepreneurship - LLP726 LLP726 Module
Understanding Organisational Failure - LLP206 LLP206 Module

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