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Advanced Design Skills - CVB076 CVB076 Module
Advanced Geotechnical and Environmental Modelling - CVP372 CVP372 Module
Advanced Planning and Estimating - CVC037 CVC037 Module
Advanced Planning Theory and Practice - CVC114 CVC114 Module
Advanced Technical Investigations - CVB077 CVB077 Module
AEC Global Integrated Design Delivery - CVP334 CVP334 Module
Analysis & Design of Steel and Timber Structures - CVB105 CVB105 Module
Architectural History - CVA059 CVA059 Module
Building Energy Supply Systems and District Energy Networks - CVP306 CVP306 Module
Building Science - CVA058 CVA058 Module
Building Services Technology - CVB125 CVB125 Module
Building Thermal Loads and Systems - CVP305 CVP305 Module
Carbon Modelling and Management - CVC128 CVC128 Module
Case Study - CVP278 CVP278 Module
Collaborative Design Management - CVB123 CVB123 Module
Collaborative Practice in the Built Environment - CVA102 CVA102 Module
Construction Contracts, Law and Finance - CVC102 CVC102 Module
Construction Finance and Risk - CVB112 CVB112 Module
Construction Law and Contract - CVC051 CVC051 Module
Construction Law and Contract Management - CVP330 CVP330 Module
Construction Project Delivery - CVB115 CVB115 Module
Construction Technology (Buildings) - CVA122 CVA122 Module
Construction Technology (Infrastructure) - CVB107 CVB107 Module
Contemporary Cities: Theory and Design - CVM103 CVM103 Module
Contemporary Planning - CVA131 CVA131 Module
Contract Administration, Law and Procurement - CVB109 CVB109 Module
Contracts and Law in Architectural Engineering - CVC130 CVC130 Module
Control and Commissioning for Low Energy Buildings - CVP307 CVP307 Module
Control, Modelling and Simulation - CVC119 CVC119 Module
Critical Theory - CVB078 CVB078 Module
CVI003: Overseas Study (UNITECH-DIntS, non-credit bearing) Reading List CVI003 Module
CVI004: Overseas University Placement (DIntS, non-credit bearing) Reading List CVI004 Module
CVM106: Design Studio M1 - Hybrid Pathway Reading List CVM106 Module
CVP292: Research Dissertation Reading List CVP292 Module
CVP400: Management of Water and Environmental Sanitation Infrastructure Reading List CVP400 Module
CVP419: Urban and Rural Sanitation Engineering (CVP419) Reading List CVP419 Module
CVP420: Groundwater Modelling and Management Reading List CVP420 Module
CVP446: Management of Water and Environmental Sanitation Infrastructure (DL) Reading List CVP446 Module
CVP449: Quantitative and Numerical Methods for Engineering Reading List CVP449 Module
CVP450: Global Challenges and Opportunities in WASH Reading List CVP450 Module
Design and Place Making - CVB122 CVB122 Module
Design in Context - CVB079 CVB079 Module
Design Interventions - CVC091 CVC091 Module
Design Management - CVP324 CVP324 Module
Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures - CVB106 CVB106 Module
Design Skills - CVA056 CVA056 Module
Design Skills and Urban Data Analytics - CVA130 CVA130 Module
Design Studio A - CVA055 CVA055 Module
Design Studio B - CVB075 CVB075 Module
Design Studio C - CVC090 CVC090 Module
Design Studio M1 - Practice Pathway - CVM101 CVM101 Module
Design Studio M1 - Research Pathway - CVM105 CVM105 Module
Design Studio M2 - CVM201 CVM201 Module
Digital Buildings in a Global Design Context - CVP308 CVP308 Module
Digital Design, Construction and Operation - CVC104 CVC104 Module
Digital Design, Construction and Operation - CEM - CVC129 CVC129 Module
Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS, non credit bearing) - CVI002 CVI002 Module
Disaster Risk Management (DL) - CVP437 CVP437 Module
Disaster Risk Management - CVP407 CVP407 Module
Disaster Risk Management - CVP522 CVP522 Module
Electrical Systems: Buildings and Renewable Energy - CVP300 CVP300 Module
Engineering Materials for Construction - CVA106 CVA106 Module
Estimating Practice - CVB126 CVB126 Module
Federated Building Information Modelling - CVP335 CVP335 Module
Flood Modelling and Management (DL) - CVP442 CVP442 Module
Flood Modelling and Management - CVP418 CVP418 Module
Further Structural Analysis and Geotechnical Design - CVC101 CVC101 Module
Future Cities - CVC115 CVC115 Module
Geographic Information Systems and Data Management - CVP366 CVP366 Module
Geomatics Engineering Surveying 1 - CVA135 CVA135 Module
Geomatics Engineering Surveying 2 - CVB124 CVB124 Module
Global Futures: Climate and Architecture - CVM203 CVM203 Module
Ground Engineering and Monitoring - CVC106 CVC106 Module
Groundwater Modelling and Management (DL) - CVP444 CVP444 Module
Humanitarian Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (DL) - CVP438 CVP438 Module
Indoor Environment - CVB117 CVB117 Module
Industrial Training Placement (DIS, non credit bearing) - CVI001 CVI001 Module
Integrated Design Project 1 - CVB118 CVB118 Module
Integrated Design Project 2 - CVC122 CVC122 Module
Integrated Sustainable Design and Construction Project - CVP339 CVP339 Module
Integrative Project - CVC125 CVC125 Module
International Short Research Project - CVC002 CVC002 Module
Low Carbon Materials for Construction - CVP370 CVP370 Module
Management and Operation of Water Utilities (DL) - CVP435 CVP435 Module
Management Finance - CVC035 CVC035 Module
Management of Construction Processes and Techniques - CVP326 CVP326 Module
Management of Design and Construction - CVB103 CVB103 Module
Management of Village Water Services (DL) - CVP432 CVP432 Module
Management of Water and Environmental Sanitation Services (DL) - CVP430 CVP430 Module
Mathematical Modelling of Structures - CVA104 CVA104 Module
Measurement and Site Surveying - CVA124 CVA124 Module
Measurement of Complex Structures - CVB111 CVB111 Module
Mechanical and Electrical Systems - CVC121 CVC121 Module
Mechanical and Mathematical Principles of Fluid Mechanics - CVA105 CVA105 Module
Modern Methods of Construction and Conservation - CVC127 CVC127 Module
Net Zero Building Design - CVP309 CVP309 Module
Open Channel Flow Design and Analysis - CVB101 CVB101 Module
Organization and People - CVP329 CVP329 Module
Planning Policy and People - CVC116 CVC116 Module
Planning, Estimating and Cost Management - CVB110 CVB110 Module
Practical Skills for Civil Engineering - CVB104 CVB104 Module
Pre-construction BIM Coordination - CVC045 CVC045 Module
Principles and Application of BIM - CVP320 CVP320 Module
Principles of Design and Construction - CVP322 CVP322 Module
Principles of Law and Economics for the Built Environment - CVA121 CVA121 Module
Principles of Project Management - CVP323 CVP323 Module
Principles of Project Management - CVP501 CVP501 Module
Principles of Urban Planning - CVA132 CVA132 Module
Professional Practice (CEM) - CVA127 CVA127 Module
Professional Practice (CMQS) - CVA123 CVA123 Module
Professional Practice in Urban Planning - CVA129 CVA129 Module
Professional Skills - CVA101 CVA101 Module
Professional Skills - CVA134 CVA134 Module
Project Definition and Optimisation - CVC126 CVC126 Module
Quantitative and Numerical Methods in Engineering - CVP448 CVP448 Module
Reflective Practice - CVM102 CVM102 Module
Research Dissertation (DL) - CVP440 CVP440 Module
Research Dissertation - CVC006 CVC006 Module
Research Dissertation - CVC032 CVC032 Module
Research Dissertation - CVC042 CVC042 Module
Research Dissertation - CVC092 CVC092 Module
Research Dissertation - CVC118 CVC118 Module
Research Dissertation - CVC123 CVC123 Module
Research Dissertation - CVM202 CVM202 Module
Research Dissertation - CVP313 CVP313 Module
Research Dissertation - CVP332 CVP332 Module
Research Dissertation - CVP373 CVP373 Module
Research Methods (DL) - CVP439 CVP439 Module
Research Methods - CVP319 CVP319 Module
Research Methods and Digital Skills - CVB120 CVB120 Module
Site Surveying and Measurement (CEM) - CVA128 CVA128 Module
Smart Cities and Mobility - CVP363 CVP363 Module
Soil Mechanics and Geology - CVB102 CVB102 Module
Strategic Commercial Management - CVC029 CVC029 Module
Strategic Management for Construction and Engineering - CVP328 CVP328 Module
Strategic Management of Project-based Organisations - CVP502 CVP502 Module
Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering - CVP371 CVP371 Module
Structural Forms and Stress Analysis - CVA103 CVA103 Module
Sustainability in the Built Environment - CVP325 CVP325 Module
Sustainable and Resilient Development - CVP521 CVP521 Module
Sustainable Building Design - CVB113 CVB113 Module
Sustainable Design and Construction Theories, Principles and Assessment Tools - CVP338 CVP338 Module
Sustainable Development and Stakeholder Communication - CVC105 CVC105 Module
Sustainable Development Project Management - CVP523 CVP523 Module
Teamwork and Leadership - CVC103 CVC103 Module
Teamwork Design Project - CVD003 CVD003 Module
Tectonics 1 - An Introduction to Materials, Structure & Construction - CVA057 CVA057 Module
The Business of Architecture - CVC093 CVC093 Module
Thermal Modelling and 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) - CVP310 CVP310 Module
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer - CVB116 CVB116 Module
Transdisciplinary Design - CVM104 CVM104 Module
Transport Infrastructure Engineering - CVC110 CVC110 Module
Urban and Rural Sanitation Engineering (DL) - CVP443 CVP443 Module
Urban and Rural Water Engineering (DL) - CVP441 CVP441 Module
Urban and Rural Water Engineering - CVP417 CVP417 Module
Urban and Rural Sanitation Management (DL) - CVP436 CVP436 Module
Urban Economics and Development Appraisal - CVB119 CVB119 Module
Urban Mobility - CVC117 CVC117 Module
Urban Planning and the Environment - CVB121 CVB121 Module
Water and the Natural Environment (DL) - CVP431 CVP431 Module
Water Resources, Sustainability and Climate Change - CVC109 CVC109 Module
Wellbeing and Indoor Environment - CVP302 CVP302 Module

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